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Farewell from Jack Antonio

Remember when Riley did that homemade drumkit assignment? Jack owes Riley a shoutout. PLUS, here's a little farewell video for you all on...

East Coast Folkster - Dave Gunning

This is a special "concert" for the students at JD. It won't be posted anywhere but here. Dave has been a good friend of mine for a...

Monday Music Guest - Ian Dench (EMF)

As the guitarist and primary songwriter of 90's band EMF, guitarist Ian Dench played a HUGE part in constructing the group's biggest hit:...


Beppie (Stephanie Nhan) is a JUNO nominated recording artist and an award winning music educator based out of Edmonton, Alberta. Her...

"Prairie Song" by BEPPIE

Beppie is originally from Regina, SK! Here's a song she wrote about the prairies!


Beppie is a music teacher with a lot of cool ideas. Here she is talking about the differencre between MAJOR and MINOR keys in music:

Beppie is coming to TALKING TUESDAY

Meet BEPPIE! She's coming to our TALKING TUESDAY next week! Beppie (Stephanie Nhan) is a JUNO nominated recording artist and an award...


Beppie is going to be on a future TALKING TUESDAY so I figured you guys could get to know her! Here she is teaching us how to make a...

Fred Penner "The Cat Came Back"

We already know Fred from TALKING TUESDAY. Here's a quick clip of him performing his most famous song on a kids show in 2016:

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The Music Class of Mr. Roos

Welcome to my virtual music class, a unique blog here for you to explore. I love having the opportunity to share my passions, thoughts and fun musical activities with those who visit my site. Read on, and enjoy!

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